Justice for the 96 – Don’t buy the Sun

At the moment there is an e-petition available for not only Liverpool fans but for fans of justice to sign and make a stand.

The petition is regarding the government trying to block the release of documents regarding the tragedy of 1989 when 96 Liverpool fans lost their lifes watching the team they loved.

If there was nothing in those papers to hide then they quite simply would be released but the fact that the government are trying to block them indicates to me that something within those papers shifts the blame from the Liverpool supporters onto either the South Yorkshire police or the government itself.

The e-petition can be found at the link below and please i hope everyone signs this and we can stop the government trying to block the release of the papers.

http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/2199 – check your emails once signed as you need to validate your signature.

If you do not receive a validation email then check your spam folder or fill the petition in again as it takes less then 2 minutes to do.

This e-petition is for UK residents only.

For more information regarding the events of Hillsbrough they are covered far better then me at places such as http://www.contrast.org/hillsborough/index.shtml.

Anyone who visits my blog should visit that website as the information regarding the disaster and ways in which you can help can all be found there.

Over the years i have had various fans from other clubs ask me why as a Liverpool fan we hate The Sun newspaper and the answer is quite simple ‘they print lies’.

After that fateful day the families of the Liverpool fans were in shock and were grieving the loss of their loved ones yet they had to read lies from The Sun newspaper claiming that the Liverpool fans were drunk and were robbing from the dead.

These claims were unfounded and had no truth in them whatsoever yet not once since have The Sun apologised.

The problem is the reputation of Liverpool FC and its fans had been tarnished due to the Heysel stadium disaster so the general public believed what they were reading and even to this day people do not know the truth of what happened and still believe that article The Sun printed.

More details of the campaign to educate not only Liverpool fans but the general public can be found here http://dontbuythesun.co.uk/site/

Life under FSG

We are only a couple of months aways from the first year anniversary of FSG (at the time under the name of NESV) buying the club and potentially stopping the club going into administration so what do we think of these opening months under new ownership.

For me FSG were an unknown and i will admit up until them buying the club i had never heard of John W Henry or Tom Werner.

Thanks to the power of Google and 24 hour news coverage i found they were the owners of the Red Sox baseball team and had turned around the fortunes of the team making them from also rans to world champions.

I use the term ‘world champions’ but in reality i don’t think many teams from around the world actually enter the baseball competition but it sounds good.

What i have learnt about FSG from reading various Red Sox forums is that these owners want to be in first place and are prepared to make decisions which ultimately benefit the team rather then just individual gain.

Lets not kid ourselves here and think that John W Henry grow up in Quincy, Illinois kicking a football about dreaming of joining Bill Shankly’s Liverpool revolution and i would imagine that at the time the only reference ‘Liverpool’ had in the life of Mr Henry was that of the birthplace of The Beatles.

What attracted John W Henry and FSG to Liverpool was a business decision and the fact that the club had been criminally under performing from a marketing and merchandise point of view and the potential to increase the value of the club is massive.

Our recent pre-season trip to Asia showed you just how popular we are over that part of the world but it could be even better.

Getting Lebron James (thanks to google i found out who he is) involved with the club may well prove to be a master stroke as his profile whilst low in England is massive in Asia and the United States.

The club under the ownership of Moores and Parry was run as a joke and on a regular basis the club would keep very low stock of merchandise and would tender the contracts out to other companies for various ventures within the club who would be making money out of us rather then LFC itself actually profiting.

Thankfully that is now over and FSG will ‘milk’ the brand for everything its worth and whilst some would deem that as ‘not the Liverpool way’ for me it is why as a club we are miles behind in revenue to the likes of Man United due to our past philosophy of doing nothing and just thinking ‘it will be alright Rick will see to it’.

What FSG have started is the rebuilding of the club both on and off the pitch with Dalglish being well backed on the pitch and Ian Ayre allowed to improve matters off it.

The TV channel is improving (now has a red leather sofa) and with the increased profits due to the Standard Chartered sponsorship deal and Warrior potentially becoming the new kit designers we at least seem to be heading in the right direction.

Another thing which may seem trivial but FSG do like to have a presence at the club and when at the matches they do seem to be interested in what is happening on the pitch with John W Henry’s wife Linda Pizzuti declaring on Twitter she was learning the words to the Liverpool songs (doubt she will sing all the words to the Steve Gerrard, Gerrard he’s big and he’s, well you know the rest).

Under the past ownership it was clearly a chore to be at a game and without doubt there was an element of loathing between the owners and the fans which is never good for everyone at the club.

I think it was John W Henry himself who said that we shouldn’t judge them on their words but on their actions and so far only the stadium issue for me is the only worry but in all fairness the Liverpool council are not exactly helping matters in that department.